The Realization of a Lifelong Dream

The Dakes have wanted to own their own farm since 1993. RJ and Angela were married in 1993 at the end of RJ’s Air Force Career in Sacramento, California. As they both settled into a teaching career and started their family, they looked for farmland to start their dream. Finding themselves outpriced in California, they began to look closer to RJ’s farming roots in the midwest and moved to sunny Topeka, Kansas in 2007 with a plan to buy some acreage.

But the housing crash of 2008 pushed that dream a little further away again. RJ and Angela would have to wait to buy that farm as they watched their California home lose its value, They could not sell that house and buy that farm, a true disappointment. As the market dragged on they put the dream on hold and focused on raising their children and continuing their careers in education, praying that someday that opportunity might return.

And it did. Their California house finally sold in 2011 enabling them to purchase a house with 3 acres in Auburn, Kansas, thinking that it was as close as they would ever get to having a farm. But In 2014 RJ and Angela found out the farm next door was for sale. Little did they know they would find the farm of their dreams right next door! The neighbor’s had also patiently waited to find a buyer who would love and cherish their land. Finally, after 22 years the waiting and searching were over.

In 2015, RJ and Angela bought the 80-acre farm at 7320 SW Indian Hills Road and established Hidden Hill Farms of Kansas For those who know RJ and Angela, the farm is a beautiful testament to faith, patience, persistence, and restoration of a dream. They hope that their farm will be an inspiration to all who visit here.